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Texas license plate lookup Permitted Uses
NOTE:  The most commonly chosen permitted use is the first option: 1A-1

(1)A. For use in connection with any matter of:
1A1-1 – motor vehicle or motor vehicle operator safety;
1A2-2 – motor vehicle theft;
1A3-3 – motor vehicle emissions;
1A4-4 – motor vehicle product alterations, recalls, or advisories;
1A5-5 – performance monitoring of motor vehicles or motor vehicle dealers by a motor vehicle manufacturer; or
1A6-6 – removal of non-owner records from the original owner records of a motor vehicle manufacturer to
1A6a-6a – the Automobile Information Disclosure Act, 15 U.S.C. Section 1231 et seq.;
1A6b-6b – 49 U.S.C. Chapters 301, 305, 323, 325, 327, 329, and 331;
1A6c-6c – the Anti Car Theft Act of 1992, 18 U.S.C. Sections 553, 981, 982, 2119, 2312, 2313, and 2322, 19 U.S.C. Sections 1646b and 1646c, and 42 U.S.C. Section 3750a et seq., all as amended;
1A6d-6d – the Clean Air Act, 42 U.S.C. Section 7401 et seq., as amended; and
1A6e-6e – any other statute or regulation enacted or adopted under or in relation to a law included in Paragraphsa-d.

(1)B. Use will be strictly limited to use by:
1B1-(1) a government agency, including any court or law enforcement agency, in carrying out its functions; or 
1B2-(2) a private person or entity acting on behalf of a government agency in carrying out the functions of the agency.

(2)A. Use in connection with a matter of:
2A1-(1) motor vehicle or motor vehicle operator safety;
2A2-(2) motor vehicle theft; 
2A3-(3) motor vehicle product alterations, recalls, or advisories; 
2A4-(4) performance monitoring of motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts, or motor vehicle dealers; 
2A5-(5) motor vehicle market research activities, including survey research; or 
2A6-(6) removal of non-owner records from the original owner records of motor vehicle manufacturers; 

(2)B. Use in the normal course of business by a legitimate business or an agent, employee, or contractor of the business, but only:
2B1-(1) to verify the accuracy of personal information submitted by the individual to the business or an agent, employee, or contractor of the business; and
2B2-(2) if the information as submitted is not correct or is no longer correct, to obtain the correct information, for the sole purpose of preventing fraud by, pursuing a legal remedy against, or recovering on a debt or security interest against the individual;

2C-(2)C. Use in conjunction: With a civil, criminal, administrative, or arbitral proceeding in any court or government agency or before any self-regulatory body, including service of process investigation in anticipation of litigation, execution or enforcement of a judgment or order, or under an order of any court;
2D-(2)D. Use in: Research or in producing statistical reports, but only if the personal information is not published, redisclosed, or used to contact any individual;
2E-(2)E. Use by: An insurer or insurance support organization, or by a self-insured entity, or an agent, employee, or contractor of the entity, in connection with claims investigation activities, antifraud activities, rating, or underwriting;
2F-(2)F. Use in: providing notice to an owner of a towed or impounded vehicle;
2G-(2)G. Use by: A licensed private investigator agency or licensed security service for a purpose permitted under this section;
2H-(2)H. Use by:An employer or an agent or insurer of the employer to obtain or verify information relating to a holder of a commercial driver’s license that is required under 49 U.S.C. Chapter 313;
2I-(2)I. Use in:Connection with the operation of a private toll transportation facility;

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