Would you like to find out who owns a vehicle by running a search and lookup on it’s Texas license plate number?

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Several years ago a car kept parking in my spot in the office building where I worked. I did not want to have the car towed without contacting the owner, but I didn’t know how to find out who the owner was. First, I tried contacting the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. After being on hold and getting transferred more times than I can remember, I finally connected with a live Texas bureaucrat who told me that the Texas DMV would not release any information to me.

I ran a Google search on the terms “texas license plate search” and “texas license plate lookup”. I found a lot of websites that claimed that they could find the owner of a Texas vehicle from it’s license plate number. I researched these websites and, in my opinion, most of them were inadequate or downright scams.

Next, I started searching deeper into the websites of the Texas DMV and the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT). After much trial & error I found out that there was a hard-copy form I could fill out and take to a TXDOT office. The form had a list of approved reasons for a Texas license plate search so I chose the appropriate option, and for a fee, I got my Texas license plate report.

Long story short: I invested a lot more time doing research to find a way to access this information online. I’m a website designer in Austin, Texas so I built this website, that will allow anyone to search for and lookup a Texas license plate number. I can usually email a report back to you within 24 hours.